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If you want to even be considered into this clan then you must fill out an application form. now please note, that you DO NOT have to sign up to post in the recruitment section. if you do sign up and you are not a member, you will be deleted!

when you fill this application form out please be honest. we will not judge you if you are low level or if you are young, we would much pref you to be honest because it is alot better in the long run. Smile

<<<<<< Application form >>>>>>

About You - What is your RL Name?

About you - Please could we have a contact email address for important messages. This will not be made public to other members.

About you - How old are you? When is your birthday? We like to celebrate peoples birthdays on the website and in the guild message of the day.

About you - What do you do outside Warcraft? Student, professional, this will help us if things change so that you may not be around for a time.

Character Info - Name of character applying with.

Character Info - What are your primary and secondary specs?

Character Info - Alts. Currently we are reviewing the number allowed. Do you have ONE alt you may like to eventually bring into the guild? Name and specs would be appreciated.

Character Info - Do you have a crafting profession, if yes, what is it and it's current level.

Game Experience - Have you been in other guilds? If yes, which was the last and what made you leave?

Game Experience - How long have you been playing WoW?

Game Experience - Do you have any Raiding experience? What raids have you done?

If you are wanting to Raid with us, are you after Progression or Social Raiding ?

What do you think you can bring to Kyuubi should you be successful in your application?

What do you think Kyuubi can do for you?

Applicants will need to help our community with interaction in guild chat, levelling, heroics and raiding, along with participation on the website. Do you have any issues with this?

Is there anything else you would wish to tell us that isn't otherwise included in the previous questions?


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